Today, you have no choice but using video content to introduce yourself or your organization, publish last news about your state-of-art products and services or improve your human resource training courses. You may wonder how much effort should be put into or how much it costs to set up an online video platform on your own. Qmery offers an easy to start, reliable and completely affordable solution to you. Try this service of ours


VidAd is a video advertising platform which means it serves ads on aggregated Ad Spots on video contents. VidAd has been developed based on global standards defined by leading media and technology companies in the world. It makes VidAd capable of serving ads on every standard player over web sites, mobile and tablet applications.


As long as the sound of music is the most charming and exhilarant of sounds for the spirit, coming up with a powerful source of music with the highest quality and together with fair and reasonable price to meet the needs of today’s generations of a society - especially the youth of the nation - appears to be of vital importance, and as we all know, it cannot be achieved without protecting the rights of use to support both artists and subscribers.