Content Delivery Network

Now days, many content service providers deliver services for their users by creating an optimal static distribution of content. although Such solutions, meet their short-term needs, in the long run due to the limitations of the network infrastructure of the country and increasing rate of using online services, increasing fourfold the amount of users in the next two years as well as the development of video and multimedia content cannot be a suitable option for long-term and strategic needs. Khallagh Content Delivery Network plays a significant role in reducing the cost for content owners and improving the audience experience with content distributor holders of more than 15 points of the network Internet service providers such as MCI, Asia Tech, Telecom Iran, Pars Online and so on.

Stakeholders Creative Content Delivery Network
Khallagh content delivery network improves the audience experience of web content and brings many benefits for internet service providers and content owners.
Benefits for the audience web content
۱٫ Increasing the speed of loading pages or content
۲٫ Ability to watch high-quality online videos
۳٫ content secure movement without the possibility of listening the unauthorized information.
۴٫ sustainable access to high-speed lines without compromising bandwidth
۵٫ And …

Benefits for ISPs
۱٫ Reducing the cost of Internet service providers in providingthe broadband internet
۲٫ Managing and responding the customer requests during traffic peak
۳٫ Not need to multiple Peering contracts to connect to other networks
۴٫ Reducing the cost of capital to increase the scaling of the network to respond to the future needs
۵٫ And …

Benefits for content owners
۱٫ Reducing the cost of capital to create the infrastructure with high processing power and storage
۲٫ Providing the best quality content for the audience and increasing their satisfaction
۳٫ Protecting the content owner web servers against Internet attacks
۴٫ Facilitate the use of changes in the website or its content
۵٫ And …