As long as the sound of music is the most charming and exhilarant of sounds for the spirit, coming up with a powerful source of music with the highest quality and together with fair and reasonable price to meet the needs of today’s generations of a society – especially the youth of the nation – appears to be of vital importance, and as we all know, it cannot be achieved without protecting the rights of use to support both artists and subscribers.

Therefore, we performed a research on both domestic and international service providers and the result was what you are currently reading about, Afarin project.

To name some of the features provided in Afarin project we can point to:

• Countless Linear Radio Stations
• Different Available Genres
• Cognitive Recommendation System – Depending on Users’ Behaviour
• Music-On-Demand (MoD)
• Video-On-Demand (VoD) – Coming Soon
• Podcasts
• Audio Books
• Both Educational and Non-Educational Lectures
• Gifts to Benefit
• Packages Available to Buy
• Permission to Upload Personal Contents
• Download for Offline Use
• Read Your Favorite Lyrics While Listening
• Financial Transaction Bill